Cuánto hay que devolver a la educación


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How much is back to education payment

Sure thing! The Back to Education Allowance, or BTEA, is like a payment boost for folks who are jumping back into learning after being away from school for at least two years. It’s like a “welcome back” gift from the education world. How much you get in this payment depends on your personal situation, like how old you are and what course you’re diving into.

To grab this BTEA, you gotta tick a few boxes. First off, you should be at least 21 years old and already getting some specific social welfare payments. Plus, you need to be diving into an approved full-time course. They’ve got your back with a weekly payment of €160 throughout the academic year. And yeah, that cash goes straight to you.

Now, hold on a sec, that’s not all. There are other goodies you might snag along with the BTEA. Think about the Student Assistance Fund and the Maintenance Grant – they’re like extra support and cash to help you manage the costs of diving back into education.

Feeling puzzled about how to get your hands on this allowance or wondering if you qualify? No worries, just reach out to your local Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection office. They’ll give you the lowdown on all the info you need.