Pourquoi choisir WooshPay AGI pour vos besoins en contenu SEO?(Partie 2)


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In the previous article, we introduced the product concept and application scenarios of WooshPay-AGI text-image generation tool. In this article, we will delve into how this tool provides effective support specifically for search engine optimization (SEO), and provide a detailed explanation of its specific applications in content production, optimization, monitoring, etc. We will focus on describing how the AGI text-image generation tool automates the process of helping users improve website content quality and search engine rankings to achieve SEO optimization.

achieve SEO optimization.

Product Usage Instructions

When using WooshPay’s AGI text-image generation tool, you can follow these detailed steps to create a closed-loop process that covers keyword selection and monitoring inclusion effects:

1、Provide keywords to generate compelling titles:

  • Users first input relevant keywords as a starting point for the AGI text-image generation tool.
  • The AGI text-image generation tool understands user intent and search trends.
  • It generates unique and attractive titles.

2、Generate textual content based on titles:

  • Utilizing the generated titles, the AGI text-image generation tool further generates textual content related to them.
  • The content includes multimedia elements such as texts and images, making articles more vivid and appealing.”

3、Provide optimized materials for SEO:

  • Generate content that is suitable for SEO optimization, including article tags and external links, to improve search engine understanding and ranking of the content.
  • The WooshPay AGI graphic-text generation tool ensures that the generated materials comply with search engine standards, increasing website exposure in search results.

4、Continuously adjust keywords to obtain recognition and inclusion by Google:

  • Constantly adjust the keywords used in generating content based on algorithm changes by search engines like Google.

5、Monitor inclusion effectiveness and optimize to achieve a closed loop:

  • Monitor whether the generated content is included in search engines.
  • Utilize monitoring tools provided by the system to track inclusion effectiveness in real-time and make adjustments based on feedback received.

Through these steps, the WooshPay AGI graphic-text generation tool provides an intelligent, efficient, and complete closed-loop SEO optimization solution from keyword selection to inclusion monitoring.


As we delve deeper into AI applications in SEO, we realize its potential goes beyond expectations. It not only optimizes search rankings but also enhances storytelling and brand positioning.

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AI allows companies to effectively convey their voice and establish targeted interactions with customers. With the WooshPay AGI graphic-text generation tool, your brand story can transcend language and geographical limitations, reaching audiences worldwide. Embrace endless possibilities towards creativity and success!

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