Ecommerce solution

Ecommerce solution

A unified payments platform for e-commerce

One-stop, start your business
One-click, build your websites
One-click, open bank accounts
One-step, integrate payments
One-step, pay overseas

WooshPay provides all the tools you need to accept payments in-person and online from customers around the world. At the same time, the WooshPay platform maximizes conversion and reduces fraud using artificial intelligence.

Who are our partners

Multinational E-commerce company

A globally listed company at the forefront of technology worldwide (HKEX:1810)

The largest comprehensive cancer center in Europe

A leading center offers Cambridge CELTA and Delta TEFL qualifications

An IoT technology company listed on both the New York and Hong Kong stock exchanges(NYSE:TUYA,HKEX:2391)

Global clothing brand catering to children and families

The Middle East’s TOP 1 Cross-Border E-commerce Platform

Who are our partners

E-commerce platform that empowers businesses to succeed in the digital marketplace

A globally listed company at the forefront of technology worldwide (HKEX:1810)

The largest comprehensive cancer center in Europe

A leading center offers Cambridge CELTA and Delta TEFL qualifications

An IoT technology company listed on both the New York and Hong Kong stock exchanges(NYSE:TUYA,HKEX:2391)

Global clothing brand that specializes in catering to the fashion needs of children and families

Technology-driven media company

The Middle East’s TOP 1 Cross-Border E-commerce Platform

Secure, flexible system using cutting-edge technologies

One click to build your websites with WooshPay partners

Faster opening of bank accounts using automation technologies

One step payment integration

One step to make payments when needed

One Dashboard, manage all your global payments in one place

Grow your revenue with optimized checkout flows and fraud prevention using artificial intelligence

Faster payouts, bank transfers and wallet payments in all major currencies and also enabling customers to make payments in their local currencies

All popular payment methods supported and mainstream currencies accepted

Services from solid partners

One click to build websites

Find the right one for you to build websites and grow your business with WooshPay partners.

Global scale

One stop to accept global payments

Collect payments from more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Work with local high street banks and build a trusted global network. Offer multiple local payment methods to improve conversion rates and create a better experiences for your clients.

From cards to wallets, all popular payment methods and all mainstream currencies are accepted. Popular payment methods used by your customers will be available on WhooshPay Checkout.

Available Countries & Regions

Payment Methods


Compliant and simple

One click to open bank accounts

Open your own multi-currency bank accounts online in minutes. Build your business with flexible banking that supports all mainstream currencies and enables instant global fund collection. Make local or overseas payments using banking rails including SWIFT, Faster Payment System, CHAPS, SEPA and many more. We help you move your money quickly and securely.







为了确保快速可靠的物流服务,我们与世界顶级物流合作伙伴建立了合作关系,包括USPS, Canada Post, DPEX, royalmail, DHL, Colissimo, iMile等。



Issue and Manage Multi-Currency Cards

With WooshPay card issuing service, you can easily create and manage multi-currency cards to make payments to millions of service providers worldwide. You can set card usage and spending limits to simplify and standardize your company’s purchasing and expense management process. With only one integration, you can keep track of all expenditures in real time.

Region & Card Support

WooshPay supports the issuance of VISA cards in the UK and Hong Kong. If you need to use the card in other regions, contact our sales.

Simplify the Card Issuing Process

Once onboarded, you can click to activate the card in the dashboard. If you have a demand for bulk card issuance, please consult the API card issuing process.

Transparent Pricing

We provide a clear fee structure to help you better manage your card issuance projects and control costs.

Quick Response

We are committed to responding quickly to your needs, ensuring that your card issuance projects are advanced in a timely manner. Submit your card issuance request and WooshPay will process it immediately.

One step, integrate payments

Flexible integrations

WooshPay offers 2 types of payment integration solutions, so you can choose the integration method flexibly according to different payment scenarios. You can build a fully customized experience and simplify PCI compliance using our flexible integration options.

One step to complete payment integration

Complete technical documentation, no cumbersome development required, allowing you to have the best access experience with minimal amount of coding.


WooshPay offers a checkout that can be embedded into your payment web page or native iOS/Android application, allowing consumers to pay directly without having to jump off your website, increasing your payment success rate.

Prebuilt Checkout

Consumers pay by completing the payment at the cashier provided by WooshPay and then jump back to your website. In this model, you only need a minimum of one line of code to interface with the cashier and enable online payments.

Stable system

99.99% uptime for the last 90 days

Automatically reduce fraud using artificial intelligence

Fraud prevention is with every WooshPay account. WooshPay AlfaEye detects and scores every transaction for risk using artificial intelligence models trained on hundreds of billions of data points. This helps businesses reduce fraud by 35% on average.

WooshPay operates the own high-availability cluster with redundancy on all levels.

With our standard Service-Level Agreement (SLA), WooshPay firmly guarantees a 99.99% monthly uptime.

Grow your revenue

Maximize conversion with smarter payments using cutting-edge technologies

Accept payments from customers around the world in seconds. WooshPay platform is designed to increase conversion at every single step of the payment flow-from optimized checkout flows and fraud prevention to frictionless one-click checkout and issuer-level optimisations.

Optimize your checkout flow 

WooshPay’s hosted payments page provides an optimized checkout experience for your customers. It reduces friction, supports popluar global payment methods, and adapts to your customer’s language and device.

All in one

All in one dashboard

View real-time payment insights, manage your global payments in one place with excellent customer oversight.

The Dashboard lets your customers pay easily. It also maximizes payment success rates and tracks the status of payments in real time. Once payments have been received, the Dashboard helps you deal more efficiently with payment disputes and refunds.

The dashboard can be customizable to meet the specific needs of merchants. Now you really can manage all your global payments in one place.