Game Solution

Wooshpay Super Payment Assistant

Facilitating faster and wider connections with gamers worldwide

One-stop solution: Unlock global payments for your game.
One-step process: Streamlined data collection and onboarding.
One-step integration: Seamlessly connect your technology.
One-stop solution: Customized game payment solutions for specific countries.
A unified backend: Manage all products and data.

All-in-one solution: Enable global payments for your game

We offer diverse and global payment methods, enabling game developers to swiftly expand their business globally and generate higher revenue.

In-game purchases

While gamers enjoy the game, we ensure that game developers reap the rewards of their efforts

Subscription-based payments

Enable game developers to offer subscriptions to gamers, allowing them to generate recurring revenue.

Diverse payment options

Integrate multiple payment methods to offer gamers more choices, catering to the payment preferences of different regions and users

Support payments all around the world

Mainstream currencies

WooshPay supports payments and acquiring in 150+ currencies, allowing your customers to make payments in their local currency while settling funds in your expected currency.

Payment Methods

“One step” to quickly complete data collection and onboarding

Simple and fast, one step to complete the move-in. The most simplified information collection, the most convenient onboarding operation.

No need to tediously fill out and wait, our professional team will quickly review your information to ensure your smooth entry.

One interface call to complete online payments

One-step integration: Streamline technical integration.

Simple and swift, onboard in just one step. Streamlined information collection and hassle-free onboarding process.

One-stop solution: Tailored game payment solutions for specific countries

Our experts, with a deep understanding of your theme, will develop tailored one-stop payment solutions for specific countries.

For instance, we can assist game developers in devising payment solutions specifically for the Indian market.

We can develop customized game payment solutions based on the specific needs of countries or regions, better catering to the payment requirements of players from different countries and regions. This enables rapid connections and facilitates the promotion of exceptional game content.