T3 Technology Expands Southeast Asian Reach with WooshPay Partnership

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T3 Technology Co., Ltd., a rising star in Thailand’s tech sector, has partnered with payment service provider WooshPay to streamline its expansion across Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2018, Bangkok-based T3 Technology has quickly become a leader in Thailand’s broadband market. The company serves over 5 million households and ranks first in market share for home broadband services.

WooshPay’s all-in-one payment solution allows T3 to access multiple Southeast Asian markets through a single API, eliminating the need for separate integrations in each country. The service covers Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and other nations in the region.

“This partnership significantly reduces the complexity of our regional expansion,” said a spokesperson for T3 Technology, who asked not to be identified discussing private matters. “We can now focus on our core business while WooshPay handles the intricacies of local payment systems.”

The collaboration enables T3 to offer localized payment options such as Thailand’s PromptPay, Malaysia’s Touch ‘n Go, Vietnam’s Momo, and Singapore’s PayNow. WooshPay’s unified dashboard provides T3 with streamlined reconciliation and clear visibility of funds and fees.

WooshPay emphasizes security, using advanced encryption and risk control systems to protect transactions. This aligns with T3’s focus on technological innovation and user experience enhancement.

Beyond Southeast Asia, WooshPay supports local payment methods in Europe (including iDEAL and SEPA), Latin America (PIX and SPEI), the Middle East, and Africa.

The partnership highlights the growing importance of flexible payment solutions in cross-border expansion strategies for tech companies. As emerging markets continue to develop unique digital payment ecosystems, services like WooshPay may become increasingly crucial for international growth.