China UnionPay mobile payment is an innovative payment method that uses the financial smart card in the mobile phone as the payment account carrier and the mobile phone as the payment information processing terminal. It not only combines the mobile phone and the bank card into one, but also puts the bank counter into the cardholder’s pocket. Your mobile phone will become a personal POS machine in your pocket, and you can log in to the China UnionPay mobile payment client anytime and anywhere. Make life simpler, safer and more convenient.

 payment method
Expanding into New Global Markets

Different countries exhibit distinct payment method preferences. Offer the required payment methods for local consumers.

 local payment methods
Increasing Conversion Rates

Due to the utilization of local processing connections, local payment methods are favored to a greater extent within issuing institutions.

 global payment usage
Integrated Integration

To achieve widespread global payment usage, it is recommended to adopt integrated integration to ensure the collaborative linkage of payment providers and acquiring institutions.