WooshPay partners with DANA to improve access to the Overseas Education Market for Indonesian students

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August 15, 2022

WooshPay has entered a partnership with DANA, the largest digital wallet provider in Indonesia, to improve access to the overseas education market for its 30 million users. DANA’s highly secured payment service platform supports an all-in-one app that allows users to safely make cashless and cardless payments for everyday usage. With DANA its possible to pay online, in-store, as well as make mobile top ups and bill payments.

Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country and third-largest democracy. It has a population of over 275 million people, dominated by a young generation; over 40% of Indonesia’s population are below 30 years old. According to UNESCO (The United Nation’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), Indonesia has over 50,000 students studying abroad.

The partnership has two aspects. Firstly, DANA will bring its 30 million users and popular local payment method into WooshPay’s global payment network, allowing Indonesian students to transact in their local language through a preferred payment method when paying for their overseas education tuition.

Secondly, WooshPay and DANA will collaborate in the overseas education media by leveraging its rich educational resources throughout Europe and the United States, such as professors and senior education experts from the world’s top institutions, to help Indonesian students gain a better understanding of living and studying abroad.

WooshPay is a global payment solution provider that has built a strong payment network, secured through its world class technology, in over 100 countries and regions. By partnering with popular local payment providers, WooshPay is committed to continuously providing users with a faster, secure, and more economical payment service.