Les liens de paiement facilitent la consommation instantanée


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As technology changes people’s lives and consumption habits, most people will spend more time on social media platforms, such as WeChat and Instagram, to implant shopping in these scenes will greatly optimize the shopping experience. Consumers can view their favorite products and place orders anytime and anywhere. Placing an order does not require tedious procedures, such as entering the website, registering, and checking out. Imagine that, when consumers see the products/services they want in WeChat, such as WeChat Moments, they can often easily contact the merchants and place an order at the first time, which increases the stickiness of consumers and reduces the possibility of giving-up shopping, and also increasing sales significantly.

For small and medium-sized overseas merchants, that is, those with limited technical resources and budgets, WooshPay can help merchants to generate payment QR codes or payment links, so that merchants can successfully complete the payment in the chat.

Payment Links make Instant consumption easier

If your products are focused on customized services or small-sized merchants, using the payment link as an invoice payment method can make it easier for your customers and partners to pay. Specifically, using payment links have the following advantages:

· Increase revenue by filling in the payment link information, which can easily customize the product, amount, currency, link validity period, etc. Click “Submit” to generate the payment link. Copy the link to the customers for paiement en ligne. A seamless experience can increase payment conversion rates and facilitate successful transactions of orders.

· Multiple integration methods support hosted pages, core components, Open API docking and other docking forms, flexible and seamless integration with your existing payment experience.

· High security with PCI DSS Level 1 Standard, effectively protecting transaction data and customers’ privacy.

In summary, payment links can provide merchants with a wider range of choices, which can better help them expand their business and seize greater revenue opportunities.

And it’s easy to create payment links through the WooshPay system.

1. Select the lien de paiement on the WooshPay platform and generate the payment link by entering the currency, amount and product information.

2. After the payment link is generated, send it through your desired ways such as WeChat and WhatsApp.

3. Next, just wait for the customers to pay.

When the merchant sells the products or the subscription service, a complete payment page can be easily and quickly created with just a few clicks at the merchant side. Customers can make online payments using a secure payment link created by the merchants.

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